Posted by: maf | April 30, 2010

Exit COE Survey: You get to skip

Hello — remember how I said you would have to fill out an Exit Survey for the College after the Marathon?

Well, you don’t.  Only M.Ed. students have to do this.  Don’t ask why — the explanation is silly and related to classifications, and it just doesn’t matter.

I hope no one is disappointed. 🙂

Posted by: maf | December 28, 2009

SlmDawgs AP is ready for you

Hello!  I hope all of you are enjoying happy holidays!

The site for your AP is now up and running.   Go to, or just logon to your Google account and select Google Sites from the Google tools.  I’ve already shared all of you into it, and so you should see yourself there.

Let me know if you don’t.  I can give you access under a different identity – or Dr. Clinton can.

There’s no imperative that you get to work on shifting or linking your stuff to this site right away. I just wanted you to know that it’s available.

Note the rules:  keep it private within the SLM AP community – and this means that it’s more or less safe for you to post your work there.  The other rule is that you shouldn’t tamper with someone else’s stuff – obviously.  I can see that this might happen by accident, so just be careful.  It is possible to retrieve something that was accidentally deleted, so that’s a safety net.

Enjoy the rest of your holiday!  I look forward to seeing most of you on Jan 23.

Posted by: maf | December 1, 2009

Notebook clarification


As we discussed in class, the Notebook for your AP has sort of changed its shape due to new IRB requirements.

This is not a big deal.  Some of you have already submitted it, while others have questions. I added a note to the assignment itself to clarify things just a bit.  Basically, keep it private and point me to it.

I’ve made only a little progress on creating the new system, and this project must wait behind several others.   So this will work in the meantime.

Posted by: maf | November 17, 2009

Wrap-up, Nov. 14

Thank you for your engagement with our double-class day last Saturday.

I’ve updated the agenda.  We actually did get everything done.

I tweaked the planner a bit – and it’s now ready for your use.  I think that it lists everything you need to do from here on out.

I tweaked the planner a bit – and it’s now ready for your use.  I think that it lists everything you need to do from here on out.  I included a bit of clarification about the Notebook to reflect what we decided in class.


My schedule continues to be frantic this week, but should get better starting next week.   In other words, I’ll still be behind with everything at least until next week.

I’ll be in touch – several things need doing from my end that involve you, and I’ll update you when ready.

Posted by: maf | November 12, 2009

Ready for Nov. 14

Hello!   Super busy around here.

The AASL Conference was great!  I highly recommend it – next one is in Minneapolis in 2011.  I’m still processing, but you can see my notes (definitely unpolished) here.  This is optional – for the curious.

We are now interviewing candidates for the new assistant professor position – who might affect some of you a bit, depending on when you graduate, etc.  This is an extremely time-consuming process, but also it’s fun to hear fresh ideas from these candidates.

The agenda for Saturday is set.  Plan to come at 10a and stay through 3p.  I will see you there!

Posted by: maf | November 3, 2009

I&Ms done; off to AASL

I’m all caught up with your I&M’s.

In order to string your projects together a bit better for future reference, I placed your feedback on your personal (and private) discussion board within ELC 7340.  There are audio files in almost all cases.  I also tried to indicate your Next Steps.  If you have any questions about those, let me know.

Through Nov 17, I have a distressingly tied-up schedule.  AASL (fun!) followed by days of candidate interviews.  I am definitely looking forward to Thanksgiving!

If the wireless system permits, I will keep a Google doc of my AASL notes. Here’s the link.

Posted by: maf | October 26, 2009

Exhibition Wrap-Up: Ed.S. Edition

Hello!  It’s Monday again.

I was very pleased with the Star Exhibition!   I learned about some new Stars, learned some new things about Old Stars, and learned some new 2.0 tricks.  Judging by the comments and the nominations, you did, too.

This assignment has been self-fulfilling in terms of feedback.  Over the next week or two, Justine will finalize your grades; this is a simple check-off procedure.

This morning I distributed all the “extra” nominations received to the various people who were nominated.  For the most part, I chose ELC email for this task – while I still really dislike ELC overall, the email function works pretty well.  (Especially since I discovered the little icon on the upper right of the “My Elearning Commons” view – which provides all email from all courses in one place.) So, in future, if you want to email me within ELC I will definitely find it.

I updated the Cohort 8/Ed.S.  calendar by adding the Spring 2010 dates. The Planner is now up to date. The Midterm Feedback form is still open, in case you haven’t done that yet – for about another week.

As for the online AP situation (where we have to remove public access to your projects) – we are still discussing.  I’ll let you know as soon as we figure this out.

Finally, looking ahead – hoo boy. We have a furlough day Friday, and UGA will be dark.  This week, Dr. Clinton goes to a conference; next week,  I go to AASL.  Busy times!  So – I reiterate: if your need is urgent,  call.  In times like these, I will definitely fall behind in normal communication – and will be happy to receive an urgent phone call to relieve some of my guilt for letting emails sit too long. All of my contact info can be found at the bottom of the ELC homepage for any of my courses.

Happy Halloween!

Posted by: maf | October 21, 2009

Star Exhibition

Hello again!

Tonight’s the night you should send your Exhibition (direct) link to Jennifer (jenngill at uga edu).

The agenda is set, complete with a schedule.  Plan to login to WebCT 7460 Wimba at 10am.

Yes, that’s right – **WebCT** Wimba 7460.  Of the several classrooms listed there, choose the top one.

Backup plan: I posted the dial-in number and PIN on the agenda as well.

Questions, IMs, phone calls welcome today and tomorrow – I’m in meetings all day Friday.  See you online!

Posted by: maf | October 21, 2009

Methodology Resources


Today I have a minor update that some of you may have already discovered.

During our last class, I challenged Justine to find several learning objects that would support your instrument development.  She did so immediately – it’s just taken me awhile to get things hooked up.

In ELC 7340 Resources, you will now find 4 new items on these topics:

  1. Surveys – Jansen
  2. Qual Methods – Labaree (including a good bit on interviewing)
  3. Focus Groups – Iowa State
  4. Focus Groups – Krueger

I’m not necessarily expecting you to read all of these, even if you’re developing one or more of these instruments.  However, they can certainly serve as useful resources.

I owe you some communication about Saturday – coming soon.

Posted by: maf | October 12, 2009

Columbus Day Edition, Ed.S. version

Columbus would have either drowned in this weather or possibly rowed the Santa Maria down my street.

I’ve updated your Planner and Agenda to reflect our progress on Saturday.  We did really well to get through all of that – I wasn’t thinking we would!

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