Posted by: maf | October 9, 2009

Designs finished; ready for class

I finished grading all the Designs last night.  Make sure you can see your feedback.

A reminder – no one is quite yet ready to collect data.  Once your Instruments and Materials are approved, data collection can begin (if appropriate to your project plan).   If I rambled in your feedback and didn’t make your next steps clear enough, let me know!

If anyone would like to do the Last Word tomorrow, the job is open!  Everything is ready, except for some of the Advisement details that I need to clear up today.  See you at 11!

Posted by: maf | October 8, 2009

Update on Designs

Hello!   I have 3 more designs to grade: Laurie, Meghann, and Jim.  My goal is to finish all by Sunday.

Here’s why I’m telling you this now:  Blackboard Vista, pay attention!  I’m really frustrated with the way this system is working so poorly.

At least one student in this class received feedback in the dropbox five days after it was posted.  This is a BIG problem because we can’t waste time like that!  So: if  you’re not on the list above, check for your feedback.  Almost everyone is getting a highlighted .doc and an .mp3.   I will send you yours via email if ELC is withholding your feedback.

Another random problem noticed in another class:

  • Dropbox does not display feedback, except for score
  • Gradebook does not reflect graded assignments
  • These have been single-student problems; in other words, it works for everybody else.  So, be particularly alert across all of your ELC courses for this kind of problem.

Your designs are looking good and I’m not taking my ELC frustrations out on them. 🙂

Posted by: maf | October 1, 2009

IRB Outcome


We’ll talk about this more on 10/10, but in case you’re dying to know …

Our IRB application was approved.  However — don’t dash out and collect data yet (well, no one is quite to that stage anyway) — there’s one thing we must change.

No web publication.  We predicted this, as I recall.

I’ll be discussing with Dr. Clinton our specific procedure.  We need a shared, closed environment — sounds like a wiki.  However, we may opt for an even more conservative and traditional method. If you have any cool ideas, let me know.

In the meantime, just hold off on putting your project-related materials online.  Don’t take stuff down, either; most of what you have already posted is not problematical.

Designs are trickling in – I’m looking forward to reviewing them all next week.

Posted by: maf | September 22, 2009

Post-Sept 19 Post

Andy was great, wasn’t he?  Here is one public thank-you to him.

I’ve updated your Planner, although I didn’t change it much. Fixed a link or two.

I did significantly update the Graduation Checklist that’s referenced there. If you have an older version you might want to replace it.

Stay dry and flu-free!

(I’m on Twitter now if you want yet another channel to follow – mafitzger.  Definitely optional.)

Posted by: maf | September 17, 2009

September 19


I’m almost finished with your RQs.  I plan to be completely finished today.

Tomorrow is a meeting day – and so I will definitely neglect email from this afternoon through Monday.

I will see most or all of you at 11am for the Internship info session. This is appropriate for interns at all stages of operation; bring your questions.

At 12, we’ll have a lunch break and get started asap with our class agenda.  Make sure to admire Kristie’s drawing!

At 1p, we’re in for a treat.  Andy Plemmons will come and give the 2009 AP Survivor Talk.  He is a Cohort 7 alum, and 2nd-year media specialist at Barrow Elementary in Clarke.   He will be informative and inspiring!

We’ll spend the rest of our time working through the design topic.

I don’t have anyone signed up for the Last Word – so if you’d like to volunteer (or just show up with something to share), that would be great!

Posted by: maf | September 11, 2009

RQ Weekend


No class tomorrow,  just in case you forgot.

Your Research Questions are due on Sunday night.  Thanks to the folks who submitted early – it gave me a bit of a headstart on my grading, which starts for real next week and won’t let up until December.

My feedback mode for these RQs varies according to type and amount.  Some will receive audio feedback and others typed comments.  Don’t take it personally either way – it just reflects the choice I made at the time.

Enjoy your weekend – think about Cohort 9 sitting in class and be happy. 🙂

Posted by: maf | August 31, 2009

Monday Aftermath

Hello!  Thank you for a pleasant, efficient class Saturday!

Here’s what I’ve been up to in following up:

  • updated the Agenda (not much to do there)
  • updated the Planner – and all of its associated materials
  • worked ahead in preparing some of your assignment dropboxes.

I see that several folks submitted their RQs already – wow!  Then, I noticed that there’s a “lesson” about that on the Planner, but I had the assignment ahead of it in line.   Do the little “lesson” first.  If you’ve already submitted and want to change something, I think eLC will let you do that.  This should not be a big deal in any case.

You can find everything referenced here from 7340 Home.

Here’s a tweak I made to the Cohort 8 blog with you in mind.  I added a category called “6900 Only.”  When a Cohort 8 blogpost is tagged with that, then you can skip it altogether.  Today’s Cohort 8 blogpost is one such post.

Enjoy your holiday coming up!

Posted by: maf | August 26, 2009

Applied Project, Phase II

Hello!  You may experience deja vu reading this post – it’s parallel to one made earlier over on the Cohort 8 blog (which you need to continue reading).  It also parallels one made a year ago on this blog, but I don’t expect you to go back and read that.

For Fall Semester 2009, this blog will accompany the Ed.S. students of Cohort 8 through the middle phase of the Applied Project.

I apologize that most of you have more than one of my blogs to monitor. I hope you can keep them straight – good luck!  The key is to think about the group it applies to as you read each one.

I will see you all on Saturday, Aug. 29, 12:30 pm (or 12:00 if you want to sit and eat your lunch with friends). We meet at UGA/Gwinnett, Room 121.  We will dismiss at 3pm.

ELC (replacing WebCT) is in progress for this class, but check to see if you can get in.  I’m working rapidly to get course materials ready, and you can most easily find them from the 7340 Home Page.  Explore to find:

  • the syllabus
  • my detailed contact info (on the ELC home page, at bottom)
  • exact dates and times for all meetings
  • assignment descriptions
  • jobs to sign up for
  • first day’s agenda
  • and lots more.

Bring your nametag.  I look forward to seeing you Saturday!

Posted by: maf | April 29, 2009

Numerical Updates

Number of Applied Projects to finalize:  just three!  I hope to finish these today.

Percentage of course evals submitted: 79%!   Wow, you’re in the lead!

E-permissions needed: 7% – just one person to go.

Research permissions needed: ditto above.  Brilliant idea: I should combine these two into a single document – good advice for next time.

I’ll do another update in a couple of days – but thank you for not needing any reminders to speak of.

Posted by: maf | April 27, 2009

Course eval open; Status of grading


Just a reminder that the course eval for EDIT 7650 opens today.  Please let me know if there seems to be something wrong with it.

I’ve finished all Presentation “grading,” which included capture of any requested changes – I noted those in the comment field.  Many of your Final submissions have come in, but I’ve not been able to work with them yet – they are due tomorrow.

I’ll keep updating you until everything is completely wrapped up.

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