Posted by: maf | December 28, 2009

SlmDawgs AP is ready for you

Hello!  I hope all of you are enjoying happy holidays!

The site for your AP is now up and running.   Go to, or just logon to your Google account and select Google Sites from the Google tools.  I’ve already shared all of you into it, and so you should see yourself there.

Let me know if you don’t.  I can give you access under a different identity – or Dr. Clinton can.

There’s no imperative that you get to work on shifting or linking your stuff to this site right away. I just wanted you to know that it’s available.

Note the rules:  keep it private within the SLM AP community – and this means that it’s more or less safe for you to post your work there.  The other rule is that you shouldn’t tamper with someone else’s stuff – obviously.  I can see that this might happen by accident, so just be careful.  It is possible to retrieve something that was accidentally deleted, so that’s a safety net.

Enjoy the rest of your holiday!  I look forward to seeing most of you on Jan 23.


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