Posted by: maf | October 21, 2009

Methodology Resources


Today I have a minor update that some of you may have already discovered.

During our last class, I challenged Justine to find several learning objects that would support your instrument development.  She did so immediately – it’s just taken me awhile to get things hooked up.

In ELC 7340 Resources, you will now find 4 new items on these topics:

  1. Surveys – Jansen
  2. Qual Methods – Labaree (including a good bit on interviewing)
  3. Focus Groups – Iowa State
  4. Focus Groups – Krueger

I’m not necessarily expecting you to read all of these, even if you’re developing one or more of these instruments.  However, they can certainly serve as useful resources.

I owe you some communication about Saturday – coming soon.


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