Posted by: maf | October 26, 2009

Exhibition Wrap-Up: Ed.S. Edition

Hello!  It’s Monday again.

I was very pleased with the Star Exhibition!   I learned about some new Stars, learned some new things about Old Stars, and learned some new 2.0 tricks.  Judging by the comments and the nominations, you did, too.

This assignment has been self-fulfilling in terms of feedback.  Over the next week or two, Justine will finalize your grades; this is a simple check-off procedure.

This morning I distributed all the “extra” nominations received to the various people who were nominated.  For the most part, I chose ELC email for this task – while I still really dislike ELC overall, the email function works pretty well.  (Especially since I discovered the little icon on the upper right of the “My Elearning Commons” view – which provides all email from all courses in one place.) So, in future, if you want to email me within ELC I will definitely find it.

I updated the Cohort 8/Ed.S.  calendar by adding the Spring 2010 dates. The Planner is now up to date. The Midterm Feedback form is still open, in case you haven’t done that yet – for about another week.

As for the online AP situation (where we have to remove public access to your projects) – we are still discussing.  I’ll let you know as soon as we figure this out.

Finally, looking ahead – hoo boy. We have a furlough day Friday, and UGA will be dark.  This week, Dr. Clinton goes to a conference; next week,  I go to AASL.  Busy times!  So – I reiterate: if your need is urgent,  call.  In times like these, I will definitely fall behind in normal communication – and will be happy to receive an urgent phone call to relieve some of my guilt for letting emails sit too long. All of my contact info can be found at the bottom of the ELC homepage for any of my courses.

Happy Halloween!


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