Posted by: maf | July 21, 2008

Grading Blitz: Ed.S. version!

Thank you for a great day Saturday. I know it was tough to a). make a presentation in front of your peers, and b). give everyone the courtesy of your attention on such a long day of them while under pressure to do well yourself. You may never have to do this again in your Ed.S. program; but if you have suggestions for how to make this more humane for future generations, I’d love to hear them!

I’ve been grading since 4:30 this morning – except for a 15-minute conversation with the lawn service person – and I have now caught up with this class’ projects. Like I said over on the other blog, my goal is to finish up as much work as possible by Wednesday so that I can take a vacation of sorts.

It has gone faster than I would have predicted.  Please check the comment box for pointers to feedback. Sometimes I just wrote it all in that box, while other times I uploaded a file.

Now I’ll go back to the other class and grade the morning’s crop! Don’t forget your course eval for this class, too.


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