Posted by: maf | July 22, 2008

Grading, Day 2 (Ed.S. version)

If you saw the Cataloging (Cohort 7) blogpost, this one is similar.  I’ve graded all that has been submitted, as of 8:34 a.m.

  • Tweaked the gradebook, generally cleaning it up.
  • The “misc” column is usually blank. It should be self-explanatory if not. If it is blank, you need not be concerned.
  • Note the “y” values in the columns Research Perm, E-Perm, and Course Eval.  These are just check-offs (because I didn’t or couldn’t check the interior of those items).
  • As of right now, 9 (of 15) have completed the Course Eval.
  • If you’ve satisfied every little thing, you can see your grade.

More importantly, I spent time yesterday afternoon thinking about each of your projects – where you are now, and how well positioned you are for moving forward into your Research Question.  I had some suggestions for some, but overall I tried to give you a big-picture status report.  I hope you can see that feedback – for most, it was short enough to type into the little box inside the dropbox for the Problem Statement assignment.

Let me know if you see any tech glitches.

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