Posted by: maf | October 8, 2009

Update on Designs

Hello!   I have 3 more designs to grade: Laurie, Meghann, and Jim.  My goal is to finish all by Sunday.

Here’s why I’m telling you this now:  Blackboard Vista, pay attention!  I’m really frustrated with the way this system is working so poorly.

At least one student in this class received feedback in the dropbox five days after it was posted.  This is a BIG problem because we can’t waste time like that!  So: if  you’re not on the list above, check for your feedback.  Almost everyone is getting a highlighted .doc and an .mp3.   I will send you yours via email if ELC is withholding your feedback.

Another random problem noticed in another class:

  • Dropbox does not display feedback, except for score
  • Gradebook does not reflect graded assignments
  • These have been single-student problems; in other words, it works for everybody else.  So, be particularly alert across all of your ELC courses for this kind of problem.

Your designs are looking good and I’m not taking my ELC frustrations out on them. 🙂


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