Posted by: maf | October 1, 2009

IRB Outcome


We’ll talk about this more on 10/10, but in case you’re dying to know …

Our IRB application was approved.  However — don’t dash out and collect data yet (well, no one is quite to that stage anyway) — there’s one thing we must change.

No web publication.  We predicted this, as I recall.

I’ll be discussing with Dr. Clinton our specific procedure.  We need a shared, closed environment — sounds like a wiki.  However, we may opt for an even more conservative and traditional method. If you have any cool ideas, let me know.

In the meantime, just hold off on putting your project-related materials online.  Don’t take stuff down, either; most of what you have already posted is not problematical.

Designs are trickling in – I’m looking forward to reviewing them all next week.


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