Posted by: maf | September 17, 2009

September 19


I’m almost finished with your RQs.  I plan to be completely finished today.

Tomorrow is a meeting day – and so I will definitely neglect email from this afternoon through Monday.

I will see most or all of you at 11am for the Internship info session. This is appropriate for interns at all stages of operation; bring your questions.

At 12, we’ll have a lunch break and get started asap with our class agenda.  Make sure to admire Kristie’s drawing!

At 1p, we’re in for a treat.  Andy Plemmons will come and give the 2009 AP Survivor Talk.  He is a Cohort 7 alum, and 2nd-year media specialist at Barrow Elementary in Clarke.   He will be informative and inspiring!

We’ll spend the rest of our time working through the design topic.

I don’t have anyone signed up for the Last Word – so if you’d like to volunteer (or just show up with something to share), that would be great!



  1. I’ll find something for a last word!


    • Wonderful ! Thanks!

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