Posted by: maf | August 31, 2009

Monday Aftermath

Hello!  Thank you for a pleasant, efficient class Saturday!

Here’s what I’ve been up to in following up:

  • updated the Agenda (not much to do there)
  • updated the Planner – and all of its associated materials
  • worked ahead in preparing some of your assignment dropboxes.

I see that several folks submitted their RQs already – wow!  Then, I noticed that there’s a “lesson” about that on the Planner, but I had the assignment ahead of it in line.   Do the little “lesson” first.  If you’ve already submitted and want to change something, I think eLC will let you do that.  This should not be a big deal in any case.

You can find everything referenced here from 7340 Home.

Here’s a tweak I made to the Cohort 8 blog with you in mind.  I added a category called “6900 Only.”  When a Cohort 8 blogpost is tagged with that, then you can skip it altogether.  Today’s Cohort 8 blogpost is one such post.

Enjoy your holiday coming up!

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