Posted by: maf | April 6, 2009

SLM Portfolio/AP site and today’s deadline

Hello – a few clarifications about today’s deadline:

I have now completed my review of your AP Drafts, and all follow-up work has been done.

Your deadline today is to make sure your link on the portfolio site (where you registered for the marathon) goes to the right place, and that your advisor has access to it (these tasks are the same, usually).  Right now, there are some links that go … nowhere.  (Of course, it’s not midnight yet!) 🙂

My advisees: make sure your link leads to the right place.  I know where your AP is, but the one on the portfolio doesn’t lead there in every case.   When all of that checks out, I will “release” it. I have until the 13th to do all of these – but please help me out (I have 10 or 15 to do) and make sure your link works right.

The Ed.S. Portfolio, for everyone in EDIT 7650: I’m not worried if these aren’t ready yet, since they’re due on April 12. I will check on those the week after that.  Your committee (and advisor, for now) will be focused on the AP.  If your Portfolio is finished, great!  Do make all of these items link together, however.

Hope this makes sense. After the weekend, I’m behind on all evaluation tasks – but at least I got my taxes done. 🙂



  1. MaryAnn –
    Just to clarify…does the link need to go to our portfolio page or our Applied Project page?

    • I guess the AP – but it doesn’t matter *too* much, as long as you can get to both from either. Hope that makes sense!

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