Posted by: maf | March 19, 2009

Discussions: Finished with what I have

Overall, Discussions are in great shape!

I’ve caught up with everything submitted as of this morning.  My time window to grade has closed for a few days (til next week), as I have 4 busy days of meetings, teaching, and extracurricular life ahead.

For almost everyone, the Next Steps are:

  1. Digest my feedback, updating the Feedback Table with the major points.
  2. Revise as indicated, highlighting as you go. Deal with each point of feedback; your solutions may vary from my suggestions, but deal with each issue.  Indicate each revision in the Feedback Table (most of you have been doing this quite effectively all along).
  3. Incorporate updated drafts into the AP Draft 1 (due March 29).

By “highlighting,” I mean the following, as mentioned in class.  It won’t be possible for me re-read every word of every project, although I may do that in some cases.  I will work from the Feedback Table, looking at your most recent changes (as well as the overall shape of the AP).  If you will kindly highlight any additions or significant edits to anything I’ve read so far, it will make my job much more doable.  You need not highlight the minor grammatical, spelling, wording edits that you make.  And, it’s ok to use the same type of highlighting for tags (headings) as well as edits.

Congratulations!  It’s all downhill from here – in terms of mental toil.  Don’t underestimate the time it will take to assemble everything.  My hope is that after your initial revision work, you can give your Higher Order Thinker a rest.

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