Posted by: maf | February 26, 2009

Results: Finished, and onward! [VIP]

(VIP = Very ImPortant.)

Whew! I’ve spent hours, hours, and hours on your Results!  I’m finished now – and must turn my attention toward prepping for my other class (it’s Thursday already, eek!)

I provided audio feedback in most cases.  Almost everyone has stuff to do, and a few are still collecting the last dregs of data.  I think everyone’s ToDo list is full for this weekend, one way or the other.

Given all of that, I am revising the timeline again.

  1. The Discussion Conclusions and Recommendations Assignment moves forward one week, to March 15.
  2. The AP Draft due date moves forward one week to March 29.
  3. This will be ok. We’ll discuss the implications on March 14 (class!). We are not in danger of Semester Overtime yet. 🙂
  4. But we can’t afford to waste this “extra” time.

Also: early next week, I’ll package some sort of lesson or coaching  to get you going on the Discussion assignment.  I think most of you have an idea of where to go with this, but a little more direction might help.  Details to follow here – early next week.

In the meantime, proceeed as instructed in your feedback.  These projects are shaping up beautifully.  We are in the toughest part of this semester, and perhaps the toughest part of the entire project – depending on whether you prefer data collection or writing. But once you finish the last Recommendation, the final word will have been written. (You might have to revise it, but at least it was written!)

Courage!  Stamina!  Persistence!  Determination!  plus a little Math!  Your Ed.S. degree (with raise) is made of these!


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