Posted by: maf | January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day edition: Analysis Plans

If you’ve already started looking at the 7650 assignments and calendar, you may have squeaked when you saw how fast the first due date is coming up – Analysis Plans on Feb 1.

As I may have already said, this seems harsh, but we’ve got to drive hard through a few due dates in order to arrive at the end on schedule.

The Analysis Plan itself is not that big of a deal.   I will field all related questions on Saturday.

However, if you’re feeling anxious to get started, I’ve made a helper for you:

Analysis Plan audio in WebCT 7650 (a good place to start)

Other things you can do to help yourself:

  • Look at past examples – to get ideas of what people did with specific types of data
  • “Play” with your own data, even if you have only a little.  It will often “tell you” what to do with it.

These are not really assignments yet – but will help if you’re anxious to get going.


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