Posted by: maf | January 13, 2009

Ready, set, go!

Hello, on this frosty cold morning!

I’ve made some things to get us started for the semester. (As I mentioned at our last meeting in December, we can’t afford to wait til our Jan 24 meeting to get things going.)  Your first due date is Jan. 24 – but you won’t have any problem getting these small tasks done.

The Planner has it all.  I’ve listed some housekeeping tasks for you to accomplish, a bit of studying, and provided the list of assignments.  I’m asking for a project update, and a timeline recap based on the proposed list of assignment due dates.  All the specifics are provided on the Planner.

I added everyone to WebCT and made private discussion boards for each person – which is where this first update “assignment” will go.

Check the assignment due dates carefully.  Some are dictated by program deadlines; I chose other dates in terms of pacing and sequence.  The Portfolio is one assignment that could be done “early” if you like, but I placed it late on the calendar to give you maximum flexibility. I haven’t updated each individual assignment yet, but there will be few substantial changes.  We can tweak the calendar a bit – which is why I want you to compare it to your project timeline ASAP.

Although I haven’t yet made a thorough update of the entire set of course materials, I think we have enough to get started.  As always, please let me know when you find problems,  inconsistencies, and confusing things.

A question: does anyone know how to set up a phone tree?   If you do, let me know.


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