Posted by: maf | October 27, 2008

Windy Monday

I hope you all had a nice weekend.  We received some much-needed rain and now the weather is turning cool, crisp, and very windy!  Fall is here, it would seem.

Several quickie updates:

  • I am finished with all but one I&M (there was a little glitch with that one, and she knows about it) – so, listen to your feedback and let me know if there is something puzzling.
  • Critiques have rolled in and today I will check to download and check in, etc.  I plan to take 2 weeks to grade those.
  • Exhibition coming up Saturday!  I will likely publish logistical reminders on the Cohort 7 blog for that, later in the week.  Link is due on Wednesday, but Exhibition need not be finished til the big day.
  • Speaking of glitches – I submitted the IRB application for our class’ data collection, and there was a glitch – which I have now repaired.  We will need to wait another week or two.  If you need to push ahead with data collection in the next couple of weeks, don’t yet – but let me know, because there may be some kind of permissible work-around.

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