Posted by: maf | August 14, 2008

Applied Project, Phase II

Hello! You may experience deja vu reading this post – it’s parallel to one made earlier over on the Cohort 7 blog.

For Fall Semester 2008, this blog will continue to accompany the Ed.S. students of Cohort 7 through the middle phase of the Applied Project.

I apologize that some of you have more than one of my blogs to monitor. I hope you can keep them straight – good luck!

I will see you all on Saturday, Aug. 16, 1p, UGA/Gwinnett (Sever Rd.), Room 118. Most of you will already be there for the EDIT 6400 Orientation (from 11a-1p, including lunch). We will meet for 2 hours.

WebCT is ready – check for your name there. Course materials are ready from the 7340 Home Page, and WebCT links there as well. Explore to find:

  • the syllabus
  • my contact info (on the WebCT 7340 home page)
  • exact dates and times for all meetings
  • assignment descriptions
  • jobs to sign up for
  • first day’s agenda
  • and lots more.

Bring your nametag.

I look forward to seeing you Saturday.


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