Posted by: maf | July 16, 2008

Presentations Coming Up!

First up for today, a Q&A:

Q. How should I cite my references on my graphic? Inline citations take too much room, and how about the whole citation?

A. Woops – this was an oversight in the original assignment design. Do the best you can with your graphic. At minimum, your full list of citations should be easily accessible through your online Notebook. If you have room and time, an elegant approach would be to post a final reference list somewhere, and install a link on your graphic that leads to this reference list.


  • Thanks to Tanya again for coordinating lunch.
  • I am taking your requests for batting order on Saturday. If you don’t have a preference, no need to request a special time or order placement. You can see promises made already on the agenda.
  • Like the other class, you have responded remarkably to my stray comment Saturday about “less than half of the work turned in so far” – I have been flooded with submissions! This is a good thing. I now have plenty to grade as we go along.
  • I was in Athens all day Tuesday and fell behind on email, etc. For today and the rest of the week I am mostly at home working, with no long periods of unavailability. Skype me, call me, chat – happy to talk about any last minute challenges.

Just for fun: new kitty pictures.


  1. It was nice to read through your posting!
    HAve a nice day!

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