Posted by: maf | June 25, 2008

Wedding Week: Wednesday

The Wedding is imminent, and months of plans are coming to fruition – I feel less frantic today than yesterday (if you saw the Cohort7 blog). I’m guessing that at a certain point tomorrow I will stop trying to do any UGA work and focus completely on nuptial things.

In the meantime, a few questions have come in, and they are general enough to share.

Article Types

It can be a challenge to find things in even your own websites sometimes. I’ve been asked several times to repeat the bit about the types of articles, or the hierarchy of research article reliability, as I think about it. For one thing, I have great difficulty in spelling the word “hierarchy” – I’m thankful for spell checking.

By this, I mean where I have listed research studies, research “lite,” conceptual, anecdotal, prescriptive, etc. Not all of my lists contain all of these terms but you’re welcome to use any little labels I’ve applied. Here are several web pointers:


In private emails, I’ve had several discussions about the best tools to use for gathering and synthesizing. Allowing for individual preferences, I’m not likely to dictate a choice. So far, I’ve seen Word used, and Google Notebook. I know from personal experience that Excel and/or Googledoc spreadsheets work well (in this case, Excel is better because of capacity). I’m impressed with Google Notebook because of its tagging capability (or “labels”).

Other tools are out there. It might be easier for you if I said “use this one,” but that would be too prescriptive. I hope that we pick up some tech tips along the way as some of us explore various options.


I finished grading your Research Interest statements on Monday, and am happy to report that everyone seems to be down to one topic. People are working at a variety of paces – a couple are way ahead, while others are frantically finishing up an early summer course and thus had to put this course on hold temporarily. I offer again: if you find that a deadline is impossible, extensions are possible if requested in advance. The Annotated Bib is a big step.


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