Posted by: maf | June 20, 2008

Grading progress and communication

Those of you in both of my classes have seen far more activity recently on the EDIT 6380 side than this. However, I am (as of now) caught up with your 7-day grading window as well. To keep up, I will be looking over a large batch of Research Ideas between now and late Monday. I’ve already done many of them, mostly the early submissions. So far, so good!

Here is a reminder to not suffer in silence or alone. If you need a consultation, it can be arranged. Perhaps not late next week (The Wedding), but other times I am available! This stage of research is notorious for causing wallowing, procrastination, and discomfort. This is normal. When you feel “stuck,” that’s a good time for consultation.

If you find yourself procrastinating, too much can be dangerous. This is what I do, and it usually works: commit to “touching” the project a tiny amount for a few days (not too many). If I can do one tiny thing for a few days, I can get beyond the overwhelmed stage. Usually, my direction-finder kicks in while I’m in this mode – it becomes clear to me the steps that I need to take.

For me, it never works to sit down and try to do it all in one go. This is my work style preference. Procrastination over the long term makes me ill.

I hope you know what your work style preferences are. This self-knowledge is really important when you’re trying to do difficult, generative tasks such as research.


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