Posted by: maf | June 12, 2008

Annotated Bib Q&A

Here are a couple of questions from my inbox regarding the Annotated Bib assignment. (It is unfortunate that those of you in both of my classes have to deal with confusion between two different Bib assignments! This was unintended.)

Q. For the “type” of the article, do I need to differentiate between research and what you called “research lite?” Are both considered “research” so as to meet the 50% research document requirement?

A. It is a good idea to differentiate between “research” and “research lite.” (We are referring to my research taxonomy, described here.) In a perfect world, you would use all research articles and avoid the “lite” ones. In our more practical world, I just want you to be able to distinguish between them – in case you have to deal with research purists who may pick apart arguments based on anything less than top-drawer “research.”

For our purposes, you may count both types within the 50% proportion.

Q. Is it appropriate for me to use “codes” for the portion about how it relates to my topic? …[paraphrased]: I want to use abbreviations for these codes that are based on my research questions.

A. You may use any code that makes sense to you. Some people will use concept words, while others might create abbreviations or numbers.

Q: May I use a higher proportion of research articles than 50%?

A: Yes. Actually, the more research articles, the better. One half seems like a realistic compromise, because some of you will be challenged to find that many.

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