Posted by: maf | June 3, 2008

Major Updates

Thank you all for a nice class on Saturday – and your tolerance of me talking all day. I enjoyed listening to your fresh ideas.

I’ve tackled several high priorities for the class.

I set up the class roll in WebCT. You should be able to access the course on your WebCT menu. I did a bit of renovation while I was in there looking around – if you see a link back to something from years ago, let me know. This is a course of long standing, and who knows what antiques might be hiding in the closets.

I made all the dropboxes and made each assignment active if it’s been developed. You should have plenty to do for the present, and the proper places to post them now.

I made a significant clarification on the Notebook assignment. I did not change anything, but I tried to clarify my vision for this semester’s work, and how it relates to the overall shell for the AP. You will now see a suggested long-term outline, but also with a clear statement of the minimal elements needed this semester. No need to build this thing twice – it’s ok with me if you have inactive links on this shell.

Finally, I installed subscription feeds (email-based and RSS reader-based, your choice) for this blog on the course home page. I will assume that you are receiving these blog entries – so you need either an automatic notification set up via one of these feeds, or to have the discipline to check it each day. I plan to post as needed, which will result in an irregular posting schedule, but probably 1x to 4x per week.

Please try the feed out and let me know if it works or not!


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