Posted by: maf | May 29, 2008

Almost ready for Saturday

The agenda is ready for Saturday!

For this class, “jobs” will also be very important – even more so, because we have half the number of people. The first person I need to “hire” is a Job Coordinator.  See the list here. Email me if you want the Coordinator job.

Also ready: the syllabus (nearly so; a couple of late-semester assignments are not yet made).  Go ahead and look at the first few assignments.  Carefully consider the due dates – in this class, pacing is needed. (That is, unlike in Cataloging, it’s no good to plan to turn several assignments in at once, because they build on each other.) We will discuss and ratify all due dates on Saturday.

I hope to get WebCT squared away in the next few days. Don’t be concerned if you can’t “see” this class on your menu yet.

If you don’t hear from me again (you might, who knows) – I will see you at 9am at the old GUC in room A1920.

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