Posted by: maf | May 21, 2008

Transition Post

With this post, it’s time to say goodbye to the Cohort 6 Ed.S. students and bid hello to the Cohort 7 Ed.S. students.

I am so proud of Cohort 6 Ed.S. people.  Never has the entire group graduated en masse.  I hope you guys will hang around just a little longer on this blog – and indefinitely if you like. You may have comments, etc. – but more important, I will probably think of a few more things that I forgot to tell you.

The final Applied Projects from Cohort 6 are indexed on the Portfolio Page (scroll down).  Cohort 7: bookmark this page.  These are great examples for you to follow throughout the Applied Project (AP) process.

Now a few notes for the “newbies” of C7 (EDIT 7320):

  • Class will meet on May 31 at the old GUC, A1920, 9am.  More announcements to follow.
  • I’m not aware of any lunch plans made so far. If no one wants to head this up, then brown bags will be the order of the day.  This will be a smaller group, which could be either good or bad for covered dishes. Pizza is always an option …
  • I published the preliminary syllabus around May 8.  If you’re anxious, you can see the Evolving Syllabus here.  I did make some changes to the assignment list. A big priority for the next few days is getting these written – Backwards Planning and all of that.
  • The best thing you can be doing for the moment is reading the Farmer textbook.
  • The next best thing you can be doing is daydreaming and brainstorming about some sort of project idea. Browsing through past projects, thinking about problems you’ve observed … these are good ways.  You’re not expected to have The Idea on Day 1 of class, but the quicker you can settle on an area, the better.  Any SLM topic or educational problem is fair game, almost.
  • I’ll install an RSS link and an email subscription form soon.  Check every few days until you see that.


  1. I don’t mind heading up lunch planning if we do decide to do potluck…how many are in our group?

  2. i love the header picture. where was it taken?

    i’m so excited to re-join the program. i wonder where i will fall? will i be 7.5? 🙂

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