Posted by: maf | April 18, 2008

Submitting AP, Final Version

Thanks to Beth B. and Michelle, I was reminded to finalize submission details for the VERY LAST AP Submission.  Woohoo!

(This seems premature to the half of you that are left to present on Apr 21 – sorry about that. But at least you know what’s ahead.)

To clarify: if you Marathoned on Apr 14, you already know about any changes needed. These were established in the session itself. If you have any questions about that, I’m happy to clarify further.

Here’s what I edited in the assignment description and in the Dropbox:

  • In a single Word document (if possible), submit the URL, Rubric, and final Feedback Table.
  • At the request of IRB, please add this statement near the front of your project: “This Applied Project was reviewed under the Instructor Exemption for Class Projects, EDIT 7650 (Applied Project in Instructional Technology), under the direction of Dr. Mary Ann Fitzgerald and Dr. [insert advisor’s name if not MAF].”
  • Name the file in a WebCT-acceptable format, like: maryann-finalAP.doc.
  • The deadline of April 28 is critical because we must submit your final defense form to the Grad School by 5pm that day – in order for you to graduate.

(In fact, I set the deadline to Apr 27 to give us a few hours to do the paperwork.)

Early is good – make this final (woohoo!) task a top priority.

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