Posted by: maf | April 16, 2008

In between the Marathons

The Monday Marathon went great (Apr 14). Looking forward to the final installment next week.

I have “graded” all of your Ed.S. portfolios. In some cases, I gave no feedback – and you have received it by now if I gave it.

I also posted “grades” for the folks who presented on Monday. Think of these as check-offs – that’s the way I’m thinking of them.

The variety of presentation modes was quite interesting Monday. Some chose the index card method. Others prepared Powerpoint presentations and even gave print-outs. All worked well.

Remember the back-up plan discussion? As it turned out, the computer in this classroom (A1440) has a version of Powerpoint that won’t open the latest and greatest files. In two cases, this was a problem – so here is a forewarning on that score. In both cases though, the presenter had a Plan B and things went forward. You just never know what the situation will be, do you?

This occurred to me during the Marathon: remember that Google has a Presentation tool within GoogleDocs.  It’s not nearly so fancy as the Microsoft version, but it doesn’t cause the same compatibility problems, either. We used it at COMO and it held up well.  An idea if you haven’t started your (optional) digital presentation!

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