Posted by: maf | April 10, 2008

Update on Diigo

Put this in your “FYI” and perhaps “Someday Maybe” file. In other words, I’m not about to say anything critical regarding classwork – except for the unnecessary reminder that your portfolios are due Monday and I’m already seeing many submissions. Also, I’ve submitted my advisees’ applied project URLs to the committee. Having heard nothing about the others, I assume all is well.

If you have any last minute Marathon questions for Monday, today is best because I’ll be in an all-day Skype meeting tomorrow and have class Saturday.

OK, now to the less essential.

I know I put Diigo out there in front of you as a feedback medium and then backed away from it. However, in my use since then, it is holding up well. For my personal scholarship, it’s holding up really well – it saves my highlights and “sticky notes” and there’s great potential for organizing libraries of articles. I’m still using for general bookmarking, but I use Diigo when I really need to get down to business with an online resource. And, I can make my work private or public, and I’m learning how to navigate through that. So, I highly recommend it for this purpose.

As far as feedback goes – in the future, the first step is to make “friends” with anyone you want to share annotations with privately. That’s where I messed up in terms of your work. I definitely plan to try this again in the future.

And a new one: have you seen Glogster? Too cool. Check it out, and see this library use with children. (For fun – not an assignment. :-))

I learn about some new cool thing every day. It’s amazing how fast these things are developing.


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