Posted by: maf | March 27, 2008

Finished with Applied Projects Draft 1

Let me write this now while these little details are fresh in my mind!

I’m finished with reviewing your AP First Drafts – what an impressive bunch of work.

Please know that this time I could not read every word. Instead, I checked for overall completeness, cohesion, feedback response, first and last impressions, and any other thing that caught my eye. Check the Dropbox for a document that summarizes your feedback.

Here are a few points in general:

  • I used Diigo yesterday but not today. This tool has great potential. For our purpose, however, I should have invited all of you to be my “Friends” before starting to review, because it’s difficult to share annotations after the fact. Feel free to join and invite me (Mfitzger) to be your “friend.” It may come in handy in the future! I’ve told individuals whether or not they need to do anything with Diigo.
  • We never talked about titles. Create some kind of title (not just “My Applied Project”) and add to your start page. A couple of you did do this – that’s what made me think of it!
  • Don’t forget the IRB clearance statement, which should go on your start page as well. I forgot to check for this consistently; it seemed to be in most.
  • The Feedback Table continues to be an invaluable tool. Please update this and keep doing so all the way through graduation – it is a lifesaver for me.
  • Links to all Applied Projects and Marathon products will collect in 2 places: my tag page, and the Portfolio Archive page. For now, use the page because it is dynamic. If you change your URL, let me know.
  • I recommend that all of you have a single start page that also contains a link to your Ed.S. portfolio – one-stop-shopping for all of your stuff on Marathon Day. In every case, this should be no more than the addition of one or two links to your page. See Terri Byers’ page for an example.

I am pleased with all of your work. Keep plugging through this tidy-up phase (as directed in your feedback).

Professor versus Advisor feedback

This could get confusing, if your advisor is not me. Here are a few points in this regard:

  • If I am your advisor, sorry – this is all the feedback you get regarding your AP until the Marathon!
  • If someone else is your advisor, then you will also need to respond to that feedback. Very important: if the advice conflicts with mine, make your advisor happy first. Include any such action in your feedback table. If it’s a really big deal, let me know.

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