Posted by: maf | March 13, 2008

Finished with Discussions!

I have just finished the last Discussion assignment.  This seemed to take a long time, but that’s because I divided the task over several days – I didn’t want to get “burned out” from reading too many at one time, and thus being unfair to the last few.

So! You have ALL done well.  

Here are some things to discuss on Saturday (noted while reading your work, as open questions or anticipated problems):

  • What to do with the feedback table
  • Making sure the recipe is clear (so we can tell what you actually did)
  • Beware the words “significant” and “prove”
  • Yes, there has been redundancy in assignments. I apologize for that. However, I’m not sure if I could have kept everybody’s project straight without this redundancy.
  • But in the complete AP, we must (or you must) identify the right balance of repetition vs. readers having to look back too often.
  • Beware anthropomorphism (now we’re really getting picky)
  • Ways to organize Results flowing into Discussion when you feel there is too much repetition
  • Fonts for online reading
  • How to produce the AP First Complete Draft – possible formats

Mull over my comments and bring your questions.

Last week, we had snow flurries at GUC, while this week 80’s are predicted!  Ah, spring.


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