Posted by: maf | March 6, 2008

March 6 News

The first thing we must do is congratulate Shelby on an early delivery of Baby Adaira! This is something to celebrate, and I know we will all be thinking of Shelby in her busy and stressful days ahead.

Our faculty trip to Sapelo was great, although it wiped out four working days. If you like, you can read about it via my monthly guest GLMA blogpost.

I hear you all out there typing busily away on your Discussion, due March 8. (Post in the Dropbox; remember to name the file with no spaces.) To me, this is your last “uphill” piece. When you finish, you will have written the Last Word. Now, you might have to revise that Last Word (and other things, and add some things), but it is a great feeling to have written the Last Word.

Here’s a question from the group:

Q. In the Conclusion section – it says to provide a table. Please explain.

A. Visualize a 3-column table: Research Qtn | Answer | Links to evidence.

If you had one research question (RQ), then you might have a 2-row table (heading, and question row). By this point you’ve probably already introduced the answer(s) to the RQ – this table will highlight it and make it very obvious and succinct.

The “links to evidence” could be page numbers or direct links to where you have provided the relevant results and discussion.

Remember, professors love tables, charts, figures, visuals of any kind. They allow us to visualize your ideas quickly. This chart is very helpful in forcing you to really answer your question and show us that work.

I’m home today for phone calls. Off to Athens tomorrow and GUC on Saturday – available by cell for those last-minute questions.


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