Posted by: maf | February 27, 2008

Results grading finished

I’m all caught up with everything submitted to date for this class.  For most of you, that means Results.

I’m impressed!  You can see all of my feedback in the Dropbox.  In each case I renamed your file and added my initials to be clear.  In most cases, I used Word Comments – so definitely look for those. (In a few cases, I used colored text or a combination – just make sure you have the Markup view turned on in Word.)

Shelby is ahead due to her accelerated schedule.  She has finished her Discussion section.  If you want to see what she did (as you move forward), then you can ask her directly – she might say no, but it’s good to know that someone has successfully broken ground going forward.

On an unimportant note, I think we need a mini-lesson on file-naming! 🙂



  1. MaryAnn

    So sorry! I am one of those that did not name my file correctly. I realized it several days after I submitted and it was too late to change it. Will do better next time. 🙂

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