Posted by: maf | February 21, 2008

Reminder (Results assignment) and plan

I see that some Results have starting rolling into the Dropbox, although nothing is due until Saturday.  As much as I’d like to drop everything and read them right away :-), I’m afraid that’s not going to happen until Monday.

Remember about file names – put your name in and don’t use any spaces (because WebCT chops off everything after the space and I get a folder full of Results.doc with no way to differentiate).  This is Number 13 on the list of 1,000 things that drive me crazy about WebCT.

My plan next week is to grade these first (will also have some EDIT 6340 assignments to grade).  I will grade them in the order received – so I guess there is some small advantage to earlier submission.  I hope to have them done by Wednesday or Thursday.

And – no need to wait if you’re chomping at the bit to write the Discussion.  Go right ahead without my feedback.  It’s safest to write about (or bullet about) those “hunches” or juicy topics you set aside during the Results generation.  I say “safe,” because it’s likely that that work won’t go to waste even if I have complaints about your Results.

And please take a day off at some point – clear your head, catch your breath.  After all, jonquils and red maples are blooming!

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