Posted by: maf | February 18, 2008

The day flew by

It was very pleasant to meet with most of you Saturday and the day really did fly by. I couldn’t believe it when I realized Jessie was the last one.

I appreciate the patience of those who had to wait when I fell behind schedule. I believe that everyone’s project is on track and hope that your time spent was valuable.

I shared this thought with a few of you, but not all. While we will be working with Word documents for awhile yet, I’m thinking ahead to the final version. If you’ve peeked ahead, you know that it needs to be in some kind of online format, starting with the complete draft due on March 24. I have become quite comfortable with the feedback routine that we’ve worked out – using Comments and highlights, and exchanging the files in the WebCT dropbox. It will be much more difficult to review and make comments when these files go online, if we stick with GooglePages or some other kind of website.

So, I’ve been trying to think of a different way, and the natural option seems to be a wiki. Think about this and we’ll discuss it.

One major question I have is if we can “see” and post Inspiration files without having the application itself – perhaps someone knows the answer to this question?

I hope that all of you escaped storm problems yesterday. We had quite a bit of excitement here in Macon, but no direct problems.


  1. Regarding the Inspiration comment / question — I have been successful exporting my .isf (the Inspiration file names) to Word, the only thing to remember is you cannot edit your chart once it is in Word. Something to think aobut…

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