Posted by: maf | February 14, 2008

Things I’ve seen lately…

Here are some things I’ve come across lately that you might benefit from and/or enjoy. Consider this posting as “extra” and “non-essential,” and semi-recreational.


  • All parents and educators should watch Growing Up Online, an episode of the wonderful PBS Frontline series. I never can stay awake through the 10pm viewing hour, but now you can stream episodes online. (Look in the archives.) This episode discusses plagiarism, online social behavior, online addiction, and cyber-bullying.
  • Related but hopeful: Joyce Valenza’s review of a new report, Teen Attitudes on Illegal Downloading
  • Saving Tinkerbell – another Valenza manifesto, which articulates much of what is wrong with education today. I am continually amazed at this woman’s insight into our SLM world and “outsight” to the world beyond – and her ability to turn a phrase. A quote:

While some students have been caught up by our focus on NCLB, so many others, who may not need catching up, have been, in fact, held back.





Hope you like some of these. You can’t work on your AP ALL of the time!

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