Posted by: maf | February 11, 2008

Miscellaneous Monday questions

Here are a few random questions I’ve answered over the past few days, so that you may all guarantee my consistency:

Q: “How far should I go in the Results section? How much of my work and thinking do you want to see?” A: “A really good question. I guess we need to see what you did, what you learned, why you did things the way you did, and evidence supporting what you learned. And of course, I’ll tell you if it’s too much/too little. ”

Q: “Is Likert capitalized?” A: Yes. I think this scale was named after its inventor (although I haven’t verified that piece of trivia!)

Q: “Do I have to use first person?” or “May I pretty please use first person?” or “Are you sure it’s ok to use first person?” A: Absolutely yes. The APA has loved first person for 15 years now. I know that many of you struggle to teach your students to avoid first person. While they certainly must be able to write in 2nd and 3rd person, I think there is no harm in allowing 1st person wherever possible. Think about how much text out there is written in 1st person – and it’s so much easier that the writing is usually better. As for the AP, you are the star of this show – and so 1st person is definitely appropriate.

A tech tip from Shelby: in your Feedback Table, highlight the new part at the bottom or change the text color to indicate the difference between what has been accomplished in the past and the current items for review. I love this!

Finally: the schedule for Saturday is more or less set. I look forward to seeing you then – probably in our normal classroom.

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