Posted by: maf | February 6, 2008

Analysis Plans – Following up on Your Work

I’m finished reviewing your Analysis Plans. They all look good. Here is an idea we used Saturday that I think is worth repeating here:

Overall, it makes sense to follow this rough scheme:

  1. organize your data
  2. get to know your data thoroughly
  3. analyze the data for what it is
  4. go back and try to find the answer to your RQ

I know, I should have told you this ahead of time. Sorry about that – this scheme seemed to emerge as we have interacted together.

We’re all worried about time. February is looking very busy for all of us as the bulk of the analysis gets done, while some are still wrapping up data collection. Eek! But isn’t this the way life always is?

Off the cuff on Saturday I invented this time management scheme:

  1. Divide your available time into thirds.
  2. Use the 1st third to organize, which will help you get to know your data.
  3. Use the 2nd third to “discover” what your data says, which will help you understand your data even more thoroughly.
  4. Use the last third, or perhaps last quarter, of your time to seek the answers to the research questions.
  5. Track your progress as you go along – make your spreadsheets, charts, etc., list your bullets. (I didn’t say this Saturday, but it makes sense now.)
  6. You may need to “compress” the project by prioritizing your work. In other words, you may not be able to carry out every little procedure that you can think to do.

Yes, I’m cruelly pushing you! However, experience tells me that now is the time to push. You’re all doing well, so it’s not punitive. We just don’t want Analysis to become the Black Time Hole of your AP.

Another thought: you don’t necessarily have to finish all data collection before analysis begins. Work with what you have while you’re waiting to collect the rest.


News (which I promise will have absolutely nothing to do with presidential elections):

  • You should be able to find your score in the Gradebook. For those who submitted online, there’s one column in the gradebook – and your feedback file is uploaded in the Dropbox. For those who submitted in person, I wrote your feedback into the Discussion Board (see next bullet), and you have your own column in the Gradebook.
  • Discussion Boards: today, I created a private discussion board (with your name on it) where we can work back and forth. Feel free to dialog with me there about your AP – only you and I can see it. We can keep up with things a little better this way. Use this instead of WebCT email – I will check it every day.
  • Skype is great! We can chat or talk for free (since UGA doesn’t pay for my long distance, this is a good thing!) Easy! Ask Beth B.! or Beth F.!


  1. Skype is great. In less than 15 minutes, I had downloaded what I needed, created a username, and had a complete conversation with Mary Ann.

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