Posted by: maf | January 23, 2008

Progress: Another assignment made

I’ve just finished the Applied Project First Draft assignment (and invented its acronym: AP1). This was a tall order. However, it’s basically just a patchwork quilt: in this assignment, you stitch together the entire AP for the first time.  You’ve been steadily building the blocks since last summer.

I decided it would need tags (I hear you groaning!). My reasoning is that these drafts must be evaluated quickly, and the tags will help us all determine if the thing is complete or not. I believe this will be the only use of tags for this semester. (I hope I don’t have to retract those words.) Also, this assignment might evolve a bit as a result of working through the first three.

On another front, two of your classmates have submitted their Analysis Plans and they are already graded. I don’t mean to make any of you feel behind, because these two are way ahead. However, I want to emphasize that this semester I will welcome working ahead. If some work ahead, then I will be able to give timelier feedback to those who stick to the outlined schedule. So – we should all be thankful to these speedy folks because it helps us all in the end.

There is no need for you to even look at this new assignment if you don’t want to. However, I know how you are – and some prefer to see what The End looks like. There are other assignments coming after, but March 24 marks the Beginning of The End for most of us. 🙂


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