Posted by: maf | January 21, 2008

Post-Snow Edition

Don’t we just love technology. Despite the snow and our collective inability to travel, I feel good that we accomplished at least 75% of what we needed to accomplish on Saturday. While I missed seeing you all, I know that we will get it all back together on Feb 2.

(I am jealous that we had not one flake in Macon – but I guess this is the price paid for moving south.)

Missed out on Saturday’s podcast and chat? I’ve heard from most of you, but I haven’t actually checked the roll to see who couldn’t tune in. It’s not too late to catch up. Here are the items to add to your To Do List:

  1. Read the agenda, listen to the podcast, and read the chat archive. As of this morning, these things are all available on the WebCt homepage.
  2. Subscribe to this blog via GoogleReader or your favorite RSS feed reader. This is a tech adventure of its own… in the meantime, I’ll keep announcing updates over SLM-L.
  3. The big thing is to work on your Analysis Plan. It’s due on Feb 2. The podcast explains. If you need more info, or some individual attention, contact me.

Enjoy your MLK holiday.


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