Posted by: maf | January 16, 2008

Ed.S. people need a blog too…

… because there are issues that apply (pun intended) only to you!

Today I worked hard on setting up EDIT 7650. Some of the things I did:

  • Discarded the idea of Weekly Progress Reports (after having written the entire thing, oh well…). These would have been redundant, which I realized after bullet no. 2.
  • Became very involved with my calendar (the one on my wall) – figured out where our assignments need to go
  • Created the Analysis Plan assignment (actually, I did that yesterday)
  • Created the Ed.S. Portfolio (which defines what you have to do for the certification portfolio, and allows you to earn credit for it in this class; used the points that would have gone to the Weekly Reports)
  • Created the Results Draft assignment
  • Worked on the website overall, much of which had never been built before
  • Figured out how to add this blog to the other two I’ve started without getting them all crossed up with each other!
  • Resisted the urge to go to the grocery store along with all the other snow-is-doom people.

All of this is a lot of fun, actually. It also helps me know what we need to focus on Saturday.

We had sleet today (honest!) and now it’s poring rain. Rain is good!  Anybody know how to cope when you are completely out of coffee filters?


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